When you are building a home,  upgrading or just replacing glass in your home laminated / shatterproof glass is a good reason to consider when choosing glass. With advances in the area of home construction, it’s important to know what’s available when it comes to securing your home.

Benefits of Laminated / Shatterproof Glass

Reduce Break-ins 

Thief Breaking Glass According to the SAPS, there are is an average of 20 000 break-ins each year and this is just Gauteng alone and there has been a 37% increase in the number of break in records from 2015/16.

With the possibility of having a break-in so high, homeowners must take every measure possible to protect their family and home from home intrusions. Shatterproof windows have proven to be a great asset when a burglar is attempting to break into a home. Unlike traditional windows, shatterproof windows prevent burglars from smashing exterior windows and gaining easy access to homes.

Eliminate Accidents

toughened glass breaking In addition to smash-and-grab break-ins, traditional windows also leave you vulnerable to accidents.

Whether children break your window while playing baseball or you have an accident as a result of pressure washing your home, traditional windows can easily be broken by objects at high velocity or by brute force. Fortunately, shatterproof windows offer homeowners reassurance. The ability to withstand brute force exists because a strong polymer interlayer is often placed between two sheets of glass, which strengthens the glass against breakage.

Reduce Energy Costs

tinted shatterproof glassAt The Glass Merchants, you can also purchase tinted shatterproof glass. Tinted glass helps you protect your home from natural light entering your home. Although natural light can help you lower costs during the day by reducing your use of electricity, natural light can lead to increased air conditioner use during the summer. With tinted windows installed in your home, you can reduce the need for air conditioning during summer months.

Sound Control

Soundproof shatterproof glassThe sound dampening performance of the PVB makes laminated shatterproof glass an effective sound control product. Laminated glass is commonly used in airports, museums, sound studios and schools to reduce unwanted sounds from aeroplanes, heavy machinery and traffic, to name a few.

Shatterproof glass windows are a great investment for your family and your home. With the ability to enhance your existing security features, you will find that choosing shatterproof windows over other windows can protect you for years to come.

Performance ratings
Shatterproof / Laminated glass is available in three performance variations

  • Normal Strength (NS)
  • High Penetration Resistant (HPR)
  • High Impact (HI)